FLEXTAIL TINY REPEL: The New Trend Worth Following in 2023

It is ironic when mentioning summer, lucky guys may think about the beach and flip flops, however, most of ordinary people are worried about disease caused by inevitable bloodsuckers. We hate insects much especially when we did lawn games in house backyard or enjoyed campfire nights in the wild. We should simply share the joy rather than being attacked by the ruthless mosquitos. mosquito-problem 

Sadly, even though there are tons of mosquito repellents in local stores and even pharmacies, we still could not find “the perfect one” to use, at least, in the previous time. It is so rash to directly spray harmful chemicals to your skin. Skin allergies and breathing problems are super deadly not only to insects. We have been told that the repellent bracelets may not as well as you’d hope, but the truth is that they actually never worked. Candles and torches are smokey and dangerous, especially for your kids and pets. Of course, it will not be denied that coils are indeed useful, but no one wants the liquid to leak inside your backpack on hiking in the park. Hence, cordless repellent equipment seems a smart choice for outdoorsy people.


The earliest well-known cordless repellent equipment was invented back to more than 20 years ago. It was scientifically proved by the US Department of Defense as it boldly and smartly combined fuel and mosquito repellent mats to create a 4 hours protection zone. To be honest, it is not cheap to replace fuel with new ones every 12 hours, and 4 hours for each mat seems a little bit quicker for long-distance adventures. After that, new-type portable mosquito repellents were launched on the market equipped with repellent liquid refill or built-in battery. Powerful enough to prevent the invasion of mosquitos, but, a little big to hold and difficult to carry. Until the Superhero (FLEXTAIL) appears. Flextail built its TINY REPEL to guard your lovely nights. It combines less than 3w per hour of electric usage and a 10-hour repellent mat. Take your calculator out and do some math. Compared to any cost on liquid refills, 4-hour mat, fuel, or high electric usage, how many dollars have you smartly saved! 

It is super easy to use FLEXTAIL TINY REPEL 3-in-1 rechargeable mosquito repellent to start your zero-mosquito journey. It allows you to insert two mosquito repellent mats which are as twice as other brands. Double-click activates camp mode which creates a 10-foot protection zone for you, and one more click is for an outdoor mode which creates up to a 30-foot protection zone! Either way provides you with a healthy & happy summer evening. Take a shot! Do not miss the trending NO.1 in 2023.

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