MAX REPELLER S - 2-in-1 Portable & Rechargable Mosquito Repellent

Sale price$45.99 USD

Color: Green
Perk: Repeller+10pcs Mats

Only 7.05oz


Two Modes

19H Long Battery Life

IP65 Water Resistant

Use As Power Bank

Portable & Rechargeable Mosquito Killer

The built-in 9600mAh of the constant end mosquito repellent can be used as your emergency power supply, and the mosquito repellent mat can be inserted into the structural design on both sides of the device at most. Whether traveling at home or outdoors, the mosquito repellent is equipped with a lanyard and can be carried with you.

Double Sided, Double Effect

Exclusive Double-sided design with the latest DUALREPEL™ technology distributes the heat evenly to perform the best. The heating effect of our MAX REPELLER S is as twice as other brands. You can insert mats into both sides of the device, and also use only one side to insert mat based on your needs. Moreover, the repellent pads are heat-activated on double sides. When the mosquito-repellent temperature reaches 165°C, the best mosquito-repellent effect can be achieved. MAX REPELLER S gives you 360° protection.

Two Modes, As Your Service

In order to cope with different environments and needs, MAX REPELLER S has two modes ---outdoor mode and camping mode. To activate MAX REPELLER S, Double-click the power button to enter the camping mode, and the indicator light turns green. Press the power button again to enter the outdoor mode, the indicator light turns red. Press the power button again to turn off MAX REPELLER S. Camping mode creates 10-foot zone protection for 19 hours when fully charged, while outdoor mode creates 30-foot zone protection for 12 hours.

Go Everywhere Portable

Whether indoor or outdoor, mountain climbing or outdoor camping. MAX REPELLER S can be easily hung on your body, backpack or even hammock, wherever you want to put it or carry it around with you. A must-have product for home travel and outdoor outings.

Use As a Power Bank

With a built-in 9600mAh high capacity lithium-ion battery, you can use MAX REPELLER S as an emergency mobile power bank. The outdoor power supply is always a big issue. As a team of outdoor enthusiasts, we must take this into consideration. The power output function has been added, MAX REPELLER S can be reversed into an emergency mobile power bank to charge mobile devices. Enjoy new experiences with MAX REPELLER S!

Water Resistant

The outdoor environment is always unpredictable. MAX REPELLER S is IP65 waterproof. So no matter it gets wet in the rain, accidentally splashed or even dropped into a puddle, water short circuit will never happen on MAX REPELLER S. Through wind and rain, MAX REPEL S will always be with you. The shell of MAX REPELLER S is made of super strong and durable material, even if dropped from 1.2m height. It will not be damaged when it hits the concrete floor. It will still work fine.

What's in the box?


  • Size

    5.2x1.9x1.1 inches

  • Weight

    7.05 oz

  • Battery Capacity

    9600 mAh

  • Outdoor Mode

    165℃ for 12 Hours

  • Camping Mode

    110℃ for 19 Hours


  • Size
    5.2*1.9*1.1 in
  • Weight
    7.05 oz
  • Battery Capacity
    9600 mAh
  • Emergency Power Bank Function
  • Camping Lantern
  • Water-resistance
    IP 65

  • 1.4 * 1.4 * 5.7 in
  • 5.2 oz
  • 4800 mAh
  • IPX5

  • 6.02*2.75*1.18 in
  • 16.4 oz
  • 14400 mAh
  • IPX5

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