TINY REPEL Dual-Protection to Take Back Your Outdoor Life

When talking about protection zone, it seems like that larger shield equals better results based on the “previous mosquito expelling experiences”. However, it is not always true since sometimes people stay in a small space, within which they actually seek longer protection rather than a “non-existent protected area”. To be specific, you don’t need a 30ft protection zone for a 10ft area. 10ft is fully enough for both energy and safety's sake. As more and more people realize this, setting up a partition system for mosquito repellent devices ASAP is very much needed. Therefore, TINY REPEL was born with its exclusive dual protection.

Energy Saving: Avoid Unnecessary Power Consumption
As we all know, a wider protection range costs higher power consumption. The unnecessary power consumption that superabundant coverage creates is completely a waste. Users, of course, would love to save electricity and repellent mats for both energy and eco purpose. FLEXTAIL dual-protection can save your budget, which allows you to spend resources on “real things”!

Safety: All-Round Fighter Against Mosquito
For outdoor recreation, especially outdoor adventure, electricity is a scarce and precious resource that you should not spoil. Longer endurance time powered with electricity brings you stronger protection. The innovative dual-protection of FLEXTAIL TINY REPEL allows users to switch protection ranges between two safety modes: camp mode and outdoor mode, which can extend device running time in a large way. By using power frugal camp mode, you can get a 10ft protection lasting up to a super long 10 hours! This assures you enjoy super long-distance solo hiking! And for outdoor mode, a 30ft mosquito-free zone which durably lasts 7 hours is obviously a good choice for the team activity members. And some dog owners also love using TINY REPEL outdoor mode in the wild as a wider range provides more spacious space to dog running. Pets' health also matters. No one wants his/her fluffy friends to get bitten by dangerous bloodsuckers.

Beautiful summer is already on the corner. Take a chance and order TINY REPEL immediately! Let FLEXTAIL dual-protection take back your outdoor life!

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