There are various air pump products in FLEXTAIL store. When choosing what outdoor air pump to buy, it’s essential to consider which inflatable products you are going to inflate and in what circumstances you would use. In this guide, we will deep dive into choosing the appropriate outdoor pump for you.


The top priority is the pressure of the outdoor pump, which determines which inflatables it can inflate.

If you are pursuing lightweight travel, and want an air pump to inflate your outdoor mattresses or pillows, then TINY series pumps are your best choice, this series of products are characterized by lightweight, can be carried easily and its pressure (3-4kPa)is strong enough to inflate your outdoor mattress.

For larger inflatables including household air beds, beach toys, light inflatable boats, our MAX PUMP2 PRO or MAX PUMP2 PLUS will be a better choice. Their pressure can reach up to 4.5kPa, 300L/min air flow can inflate your inflatables quickly.

If you want to inflate your kayaks or boats, you’d better choose MAX BOAT PUMP. It’s designed to inflate your kayaks and boats. Although remains a portable size, it can reach 12kPa/1.7 PSI pressure. With 6 nozzles and an LED digital display, the pressure can be adjusted to fit most inflatable kayaks/boats. It stop off automatically when the pre-set pressure is reached.

If you are a surfer and are looking for one to inflate your stand up paddle boarding and kite surfing, MAX SUP PUMP will be your ideal pump, and its pressure can reach up to 20 PSI.

Most of our pump can be used to deflate. You can use them to deflate air products and vacuum bags. Just press the button, and the pump will draw the air out of the vacuum bag in a snap, helping you save up to 70% of the storage space.

There is a professional pump for vacuuming self inflating mattress, MAX VACUUM PUMP. With 10kPa strong pressure and long duration, MAX VACUUM PUMP will vacuum your self inflating mattress quick and help you save more space.

A picture help you compare the above pumps:


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