ZERO PUMP - La pompa più piccola al mondo per materassini

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High Efficiency



6 Nozzles

For Multiple Brands

25 Pads

In a Row



Everyday Carry For UL Users

Good rest and a light pack are both essential in backpack journeys. Hence, we made ZERO PUMP the lightest and smallest outdoor pump that shaves weight off people's packs and quickly builds a sleep system. It is smaller than a Snickers, weighing only 1.2oz, and measuring 1.02* 2.95 inches. Lightweight and compact features make ZERO PUMP to be easily hung on a key ring holder as your everyday carrying essential, saving the space of your backpack.

Tiny Yet Powerful

By integrating our patented AIRVORTECH™ Technology 2.0 with an exclusive micro-motor, ZERO PUMP reduces the unit's size and maintains superior performance. It can inflate your sleeping pad in just 50 seconds and can inflate up to 25 sleeping pads in a row. Compatible with leading brands such as THERM-A-REST, KLYMIT, NEMO, SEA TO SUMMIT, BIG AGNES, and EXPED, ZERO PUMP stands as the ultimate outdoor companion by your side.

3 Steps to Build Sleep System

Simply attach the ZERO PUMP to your sleeping pad, double-click, and it does the work for you. No need to hold it in your hands—hands-free convenience! It only takes 60 seconds to inflate a FLEXTAIL 5.6 R-value ZERO MATTRESS R05. Add ZERO MATTRESS R05 now to save 20%.

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How to Fit Your Sleeping Pads

ZERO PUMP comes with up to 6 versatile nozzles, allowing you to inflate not just sleeping pads, but also a variety of other inflatable products. This versatility ensures that users have all their outdoor needs covered. The exclusive soft rubber nozzles ensure a tight connection to inflated products, effectively eliminating any issues with air leakage from sleeping pads.

Replaceable Battery

Experiencing a blackout in the wild can be incredibly frustrating. That's why the replaceable battery feature of ZERO PUMP ensures users have access to electricity anytime, anywhere. Users can even share pump batteries with their headlamps for added convenience. Plus, they have the flexibility to choose the type of battery they prefer and can reuse it without needing to replace the entire device when the battery is depleted.

Efficient Deflator and Fire Starter

ZERO PUMP can also deflate your vacuum bags efficiently for packing. With a simple press of a finger, air escapes quickly and effectively. Plus, no more tiredness or exhaustion trying to start a fire – ZERO PUMP doubles as the ultimate fire-starting tool, ensuring a quick flame.

More Details

What's In The Box?

  • Weight

    1.2 oz

  • Size

    1.02* 2.95 inches

  • Running Time


  • Maximum Pressure


  • Air Flow


  • Battery capacity

    650 mAh

Customer Reviews

Based on 229 reviews
Draco Draconus

Solid little pump for those looking for UL gear for longer hikes.
I wish it had a more universal tip set. They work fine for some major market inflatables, however, are way less compatible with cheaper or less know names. I have a nice air mattress that is 4" thick for my bad back from Gear Doctor's and an air pillow from Hike Nature that have small valves, so I had to use some small tubes and the N1 and F2 ends supplied to make it work without buying new high-end air products.

If you own one of the name brands listed in the descriptions, you should be fine from go, however be prepared to modify/make an adaptor or buy a listed pad to use properly. I added a photo of my modified tips on pump. I keep one on each end for storage and use the one need for either my mattress or pillow.

Solid pump to weight ratio. I opted for the unit with extra battery and grabbed a 3 pack for a totally of 5 batteries. A tiny bit extra weight but a solid month of use before a need to charge up again. Plenty of time to find a place to recharge on a long trail.

Performs well but may have longevity issue

Good piece of kit that works well. Concerned about the threads for the battery cap as they seem extremely thin, shallow and delicate. Even when new they sound gritty. I’m sure I’ll find out how well they hold up once hiking season gets into full swing

Hafiz Hamzah
Tiny, lightweight and very reliable.

Smallest air mattress pump for camping. Works wonders on Zero Mattress, Decathlon Ultim comfort inflatable mattress and Naturehike inflatable mattress. The zero pump comes with many nozzle sizes to fit on to different air inlet.

Nice motorcycle camping pump

I like the form factor of the pump, its tiny and easy to pack on a motorcycle trip. My STS large and long rectangular pad is inflated with ease. Love the fact that I can remove the battery and swap with another one, the included rechargeable battery is going strong for now. Right now the only gripe is the lanyard attachement hole is on the inflation side of the pump, I think it would be best to be at the vaccum side of the pump. The only time it didnt work, it was a user error, i've pushed to much on the nozzle adaptor and it blocked the flow to the mat. I will order a second one for a friend and a bigger one(max pump) for a big mattress for my 4 person Rooftop tent. Will update my review if something change.

Small and strong

Works pretty fine

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