Who We Are

FLEXTAIL is an outdoor-living team gathering a group of passionate engineering experts. Relying on advanced technology and innovation, we invented a series of reliable and lightweight electric gear for the outdoors.We are committed to continuously making efforts to create a friendly outdoor experience for human beings.


FLEXTAIL is committed to creating the most professional outdoor appliances. It began with a hiking trip by three founders during their college in 2012. They met each other from an outdoor activity club and deeply believed that the ultralight and ultra-functional outdoor appliance can remove the heavy burden of backpackers and encourage people to enjoy wild adventures with endless freedom. The passion and talents drove three founders to work on creating professional outdoor appliances.

They climbed the Annapurna peak and being inspired by the divine fish-tail shaped Machapuchare. The amazing rolling hills and soft sea breeze prompt them to begin their journey as FLEXTAIL to pursue ultralight, superb performance and reliable products.

Over the past decade, FLEXTAIL engineers have relentlessly explored within advanced laboratories, dedicating their time, skills, and passion to product development. They achieved a remarkable breakthrough by reducing product weight and volume by more than half while enhancing performance, offering an exceptional outdoor experience for lightweight backpackers worldwide. Through continuous technological innovation and progress, our commitment is to enable people to live more freely in the great outdoors.