Mosquito Repellent Mat for TINY REPEL & MAX REPEL S & LIGHT REPEL

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Perk: Repellent Mat*10


The foil-wrapped tablets are a perfect way to top up your Lifesystems Plug-in Mosquito repellent. The pack of 10 Mats will provide up to 10 nights of protection, based on 8-10 hours of use per night.

Odorless, Portable, Replaceable. Always be prepared by keeping extra mats and our 3-in-1 Tiny Repel / 2-in-1 Max Repel in your tent, backpack, garage, or tackle box whenever you need them. With 10-30 foot zone protection, you can camp, hike, hunt, garden, or simply sit on the patio without worrying about mosquitoes or pesky insects.

Repel mosquitoes without DEET sprays or lotions on your skin. No smoke, flames, or strong scents like citronella. Enjoy maximum protection in 50 seconds.
Our Mosquito Repellent Mat is Independently tested and has SDS certification for safety & effectiveness. People and pet friendly.

  • Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

1.38 x 0.87 x 0.11 Inches

  • Includes:

10 repellent mats lasting 4-6 hours each.
Our experimental testing shows that our mosquito repellent mats have an optimal mosquito repellent time of 6 hours on windless days.

  • Caution:
    Keep out of reach of children
    Please do not use it in a confined space

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Clarence Morencie
They work great!

Hands down I am a customer for life. I tell all my outdoors buddies about it. Some are familiar with the Flextail brand and are also satisfied with the products. Certainly a handy item.

Pete Elsworth
This is brilliant!

I’ve used the Tiny Repel on two camps in woodland now, it really does work well. Great to hang as you’re setting up camp and on the lower setting inside the tent. Plus the light is excellent too. Love Flextail products!

Mitch Clark

The flextail mosquito repellent mats work great, thanks for the answer to my question about the two different color mats.

Alan Martin

So far it's been good only used it 2 times . I believe it would be a little better if it got a little hotter

Use of the Mosquito Repellent Mats for TINY REPEL ^ MAX REPEL

I have been using the mats now for sometime and have found them effective and easy to use.

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