EVO ICER - Battery-powered Ice Maker for Outdoors (Pre-sale, 1st December Start Shipping)

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5Mins / 12 Cubes

200Wh Built-in Battery

3-Hour Battery Life

3 Ice Making Modes

One-Touch Self Cleaning

One-Touch Draining

Built-in Battery, Made for Going Place

Smaller, lighter, easier. Just 12 inches wide and an easy 20lbs with battery, it’s made to go where you go – small enough to fit underarm and light enough to carry across the beach. The EVO ICER comes with a built-in 200wh battery – so you can skip the cords and cables. In one click, you can have enough ice to fill your cooler and your cup, setting you free to play outside all summer while beating the heat.

IceBurstX™ RapidRefrigeration Technique

EVO ICER utilizes IceBurstX™ Rapid Refrigeration for efficient cooling. Its compact motor, compressor, and large cooling fan work together for longer, cooler, and quieter ice-making performance. Using R290 refrigerant, it stays cool even in scorching 42°C heat, ensuring fast, cordless ice production. Ideal for hot days, it delivers top-notch ice, surpassing other machines in efficiency and convenience.

5mins/ 12 Cube

Each Batch

400+ Cubes

3-Hour Battery Life

Higher Ice-Making Efficiency

Forget waiting hours for ice. EVO ICER makes your first batch of 12 ice cubes in just 9 minutes, and every batch after that in just 5 minutes. That’s almost half the time it takes other ice makers to work. And EVO ICER can make 1.5 times more ice than other ice makers – in less time! It’s engineered to deliver icy drinks and fresher food… without the long waits and watery cubes.

3 Ice-making Modes

3 different ice-making modes put the choice in your hands – and your cup. Cup Mode, Quick Mode, and Eco Mode are each designed for a different occasion, whether you want ice fast or you’re looking to save power.

Enhanced User Experience

The Type-C and standard ports let you charge up anywhere and keep the party going longer. Connect your speaker/phone to the EVO ICER and turn every scene into a party.
Low on water? Ice tray overflowing? Battery running out? EVO ICER has an alert for every situation, so you can reduce waste, avoid spills, and save energy – avoiding every crisis before it starts.

Hands-Free Operations

Cleaning your ice maker is too much trouble? FLEXTAIL can help you out with one-touch cleaning and one-touch draining functions. More focused on your experience, less on the cleaning

Safety & Sustainability

EVO ICER prioritizes your safety and health. Its storage basket and water container are crafted with food-grade polycarbonate, ensuring both the ice and water remain safe for consumption. Moreover, we care about the environment and your well-being, which is why we use the natural, non-toxic refrigerant, R290. It's among the most eco-friendly choices available. With our anti-leak design, the coolant is kept separate, ensuring your ice cubes remain uncontaminated. Trust EVO ICER for a reliable and health-conscious ice-making experience.

What's In The Box?


Basic Specs

  • Size

    11*12.6*12.6 inches

  • Weight

    20.9 Lbs with Battery

  • Battery Capacity

    200 Wh

  • Battery Life


  • Nominal Voltage


  • Rated Current


  • Pated Power


  • Charger Ports

    Type-C, Type B Plug

Ice Making Times

  • Fully Charged Battery

    About 30 Times

  • Directly Connected DC

    Unlimited Times

  • Number of Ice Cubes at A Time

    12 Ice Cubes

Water Capacity

  • Max Water Capacity

    40 oz (1200ml)

  • Min Water Capacity

    10 oz (300ml)

  • Recommended Water Capacity

    34 oz (1000ml)

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