FLEXTAIL TINY REPEL: “Mr. Repellent Right” and Its Triple Exclusive Technologies

More than 200 mosquito species live in the USA based on CDC. Even though the scientists keep swearing to create a solid shield against mosquitoes, sadly, the former products did not work well to stop mosquito bites. This urges the FLEXTAIL R&D team to invent a fresh-new superior mosquito repellent device to enlarge mosquito repellent effect by developing three advanced patented technologies including HEATSNAP™ Tech, APESPARK™ Tech, and DUALREPEL™ Tech.

Normally, it takes more than 10 minutes for other brands to actually work after activation. However, by adopting exclusive HEATSNAP™ Tech, TINY REPEL can provide you with full protection in mere 50 seconds, which is the NO.1 speedy all over the world. Do some rough math, then you may estimate the massive amounts of mosquitoes that TINY REPEL has already blocked for you for up to ten minutes, especially when traveling to mosquito-prone areas, such as forests, marshes, tall grasses, pools, and puddles. It is verified that 165°C is the ideal temperature to heat repellent mats for the best diffuser. TINY REPEL takes the lead in reaching 165°C with only 2 minutes in the world. What is more, APESPARK™ Tech allows TINY REPEL to consume only 2.65w/h electrical energy to do so, by contrast, other brands’ consumption is higher than 10w but at lower temperatures! Meanwhile, compared with old-school repellents, TINY REPEL revolutionary double-sided compartments smartly double mosquito repellent mat quantities as well as mosquito repellent effects. The DUALREPEL™ Tech helps TINY REPEL to evenly heat both-sided repellent mats using single electrical energy, which extends its running time in a large way. The hollow-out design safely accelerates the repellent on mats to be released into the air, creating the most powerful protection zone for users.

So, in a nutshell, FLEXTAIL TINY REPEL is your “Mr. Repellent Right”. 

Keep one on hand to create your non-mosquito outdoor life.

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