bike touring with equipment

Bicycle touring, the old-school two wheeled activity, has rebounded to people's view these years due to its healthy life style and the spirit of challenging. For this gear-intensive adventure, people require most reliable bikes pump to ride farther even faster. 

This guide will be useful in selecting the right bicycle pump for both beginner and pro.


As a blend of bike riding and backpacking, bike touring normally takes days, even weeks or months to accomplish. Riders need to top up their tires every few days, which means they need to carry a bike pump on-the-go. 

Hence, the portability is the priority point to consider. It normally takes up a lot of space in the pack if you Carry a CO2 inflator (with a couple of spares), which fram-fit pumps avoid, but instead take up space in the frame storage. 

If you're all about maximizing backpack space and making the most of your frame's storage capacity, the latest portable mini bike pump would be the answer: weighing very little ounces(blew 4oz) and tiny-size, which can significantly reduce the space and weight in your rucksacks.

Flextail tiny bike pump electirc and portable

Valve Compatibility

Before you purchase a bike tire air pump, you need to figure out the valve of your bike first. Basically, your bike use either schrader valve or presta valve. Schrader valve is thicker and shorter, while presta valve is longer and slimmer. 

You can also choose a versatile bike pump once for all, such as FLEXTAIL bike pump which comes with compatible adapters not only for shredder and presta valves, but also needle for balls.

Pump Air Pressure Ranges

Most road bike tires have a maximum air pressure of about 80-130 psi, while mountain bike tires usually have a lower pressure of about 20-50 psi. 


Before you buy a bike air pump, you need to make sure that this air pump supports the tire pressure that your bike needs. Here is a data reference from Spokester.

Bike tire type

PSI range

Kids' bike tires

20–40 PSI

Narrow tires / road bikes

80–130 PSI

Medium tires / hybrid bikes

50–70 PSI

Thick tires / mountain bikes

30 PSI (off-road)

50 PSI (on-road)

Work Efficiency

The third key factor that matters is the working efficiency of your bike pump at high pressures or high volumes. Of course, you can adjust back and forth depending on your tire types.

A high efficiency portable bike pump is much easier to use and saving more energy and time. The inflation job has done in a snap before you realizing it. In addition, air pump for bicycles with a robust design and high-quality material contribute to maintain excellent working efficiency especially in bad conditions.

FLEXTAIL 100PSI air pressure bike electric pump can inflate 4 flat tires at one time which fully meets your long riding needs. At the same time, the core of bicycle touring is to savor nature views you pass by rather than unnecessary physical exhaustion.

Bear in mind, besides the powerful bike pump, you need to carefully choose other essentials as well including helmet, food, water, first-aid kit and suitable bike concededly. Have a safe journey, and ensure the people around you are safe as well.


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