Mosquito Repellent Mat for TINY REPEL & MAX REPEL S & LIGHT REPEL

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Perk: 30 Pcs

How to Choose the Mosquito Repellent Mats

Foil-wrapped tablets complement your Lifesystems Plug-in Mosquito repellent. A pack of 10 Mats provides up to 10 nights of protection (4-6 hours per night).DEET-free, no sprays or lotions on your skin. No smoke, flames, or strong scents. Experience maximum defense in 50 seconds. Our Mosquito Repellent Mat is independently tested, SDS certified for safety & effectiveness—people and pet friendly.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Clarence Morencie
They work great!

Hands down I am a customer for life. I tell all my outdoors buddies about it. Some are familiar with the Flextail brand and are also satisfied with the products. Certainly a handy item.

Pete Elsworth
This is brilliant!

I’ve used the Tiny Repel on two camps in woodland now, it really does work well. Great to hang as you’re setting up camp and on the lower setting inside the tent. Plus the light is excellent too. Love Flextail products!

shaun johnson
FLEXTAIL Thailand trip

Well, it worked very good on keeping the mosquitoes away !

Paul Clarke

Mosquito Repellent Mat for TINY REPEL & MAX REPEL S & LIGHT REPEL

…Big Bang for the Buck…

…at first I didnt think it was working while on bear stand as I couldnt smell it, nor see the occasional puff of smoke that other devices emit…so I turned it off…SHORTLY after I was bombarded with gnats and skeeters and other assorted annoying and biting things…turned it back on and lo and behold, peace returned to the bear woods…if I had any complaints was that the unit didn't come with any matts as those were a separate purchase and as being used in a hunting situation, the exceedingly bright white light from the ON indicator was a distraction in low light conditions…strip of electrical tape fixed that ….the simple fact that I can plug it in and have it for a full day afield after charging is a game changer rather than carrying extra fuel for my other device, or running out and cant find any when in the deep sticks and town is miles away…also serves as a backup power source for the cell phone…..