LIGHT REPEL-The Most Portable Battery-Free Mosquito Repellent Ever

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Color: Black
perk: Light Repel*1(with Repellent Pad*10 for free)

Only 42g

Double-Sided Design

10-30FT Repellent Range

2 Modes

IPX4 Waterproof & Dustproof

Stand & Hang Dual-Purpose

Powerful and Portable
Mosquito Killing Ever

The Light Repel Portable Mosquito Repellent uses heat repellent, which uses heat to activate the repellent and keep mosquitoes away. The double mosquito repellent pads on both sides allow you to choose double-sided or single-sided mosquito repellent according to different situations. While having powerful functions, it is only the size of AirPods. It is the most necessary tool for ideal outdoor travel!

Double-Sided Design 360° Protection

The design of Light Repel consists of dual mosquito repellent pads on both sides of the device. Compared with other single-sided mosquito repellents, the repellent range of Light Repel is more comprehensive with a much stronger mosquito repellent effect.
The unique developed heating plate of the Light Repel will heat the mosquito repellent pad and release the scent quickly, forming an invisible shield to block and repel mosquitoes. Accelerate the creation of a mosquito protection zone. Protect you from annoying mosquitoes and other insects in just 30s!

Go Everywhere Portable

Small and portable is the most essential in outdoor travel. Therefore, the design concept of Light Repel was generated to satisfy the product's design requirements. Reduce to only a size of an egg or AirPods, which is smaller but stronger in repelling mosquitoes. You can bring alone Light Repel with you wherever you go.

Double Sided

Mosquito Repeller


Mosquito Range


An ideal outdoor tool must be smaller, more portable, and easier to carry. The Light Repel mosquito repellent is closer to outdoor life. Designed with a hook, you can hang the Light Repel anywhere you want, such as front chest/backpack/tent, etc. Wait, wait, wait! The Light Repel repellent also comes with a vertical hook so that it can stand alone on the table, making it more convenient. Light Repel --- Think of what you can think by!

2 Modes Choose As You Wish

You can't stay in a tent at all times when you're outdoors. What if the mosquito's repellent range is not wide enough when climbing the mountain? Light Repel is designed with 2 modes --- outdoor mode and camp mode. Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to enter the camp mode of 10ft repellent range, with the green indicator light on. Then press the power button again to enter the outdoor mode that activates the powerful mosquito repellent for 30ft repellent range, the indicator light will turn red. Press the power button once again to switch off the Light Repel.

IPX4 Waterproof & Drop Proof

Outdoor environments are unpredictable, and with that in mind, the Light Repel is designed to be IPX4 waterproof. Whether it gets wet in the rain, splashed, or even dropped into a puddle accidentally, the Light Repel will not cause a short circuit in water and malfunction.
The shell of the Light Repel is made of a relatively strong and durable material. It won't be damaged and will work fine even if it drops vertically to the concrete floor from 1.2m.

What's in the box ?

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Works like a charm!

This actually works great. The included tabs seem a bit more potent than the ones that are usually intended for indoors. The only thing that happened on a cold morning, a tab got glued to the device and I had to use a small knife to scrape it out. I fixed the situation easily by applying a layer of Kapton tape on the heating element. This is special polyamide material that is good for up to 500 degrees Celsius, so the 100-120 degrees of the device is not affecting it too much. This way the tabs have no chance of sticking inside.

Mehmet Bozyel

It not bugs season any more and i can not use till season comes..but it is very small..compact..very light..
and i highly recommend it if you are trying drop your carry weight..

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