Download the instruction manual for your Air Pumps and Repels and more.

Please refer to below support documents to get more details to use.

Flextail Tiny Pump X

Flextail Tiny Pump 2X

Flextail Zero Pump

Flextail Tiny Bike Pump

Flextail Max Pump 2 Pro

Flextail Max Pump 2 Plus

Flextail EVO Pump 2

Flextail EVO Pump

Flextail Max Vacuum Pump

Flextail Max Boat Pump

Flextail Max SUP Pump

Flextail Max SUP Pump Lite

Flextail Max Repel S

Flextail Tiny Repel

Flextail EVO Repel

Flextail Light Repel

Flextail Max Cooler

Flextail Villa Lantern

Flextail Max Lantern

Flextail EVO Lantern

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