MAX BOAT PUMP-12kPa Cordless Air Pump for Inflatable Boat & Kayak & Packcraft

Sale price$79.99 USD

Only 455g

4kPa Powerful Pressure

180L/min High Speed

LED Display

Auto Stop

15 Boats in a Row

Handheld Size & Lightweight

68mm x 95mm x 128mm in size and weighs only 455g, Max Boat Pump is just 30% of the traditional electric boat pump size on the market, but it can reach super high pressure. Its compact and side arc design fits your palm and it is easy to hold with one hand. It is a convenient carry-on whether it is in the trunk of the car, luggage, backpack, or pocket.

Intelligent System & 150s for a Boat

Max Boat Pump can release double power in a limited space through the double power impellers and 3-stage volutes. With the ultra-high-speed motor, Max Boat Pump can easily reach 142L/min airflow and up to 12kPa / 1.7PSI high pressure. Just press the power button and Max Boat Pump will do all the hard work for you in a minute. With Max Boat Pump's high-quality electric pump, you can easily inflate and deflate kayaks, boats, or some other large inflatables. It only takes 150s to inflate a double-sized kayak. Save more of your time and energy to enjoy the wild scenery. The heat dissipation design on each side of the Max Boat Pump can help to dissipate heat quickly. This ensures that the pump will not overheat when working.


Powerful Pressure


High Flow

Pump Up To 15 Kayaks In A Row

Max Boat Pump is a 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery powered and completely cord-free. It is very easy to operate and can be used at any time. It only takes 96 seconds to inflate a single-sized kayak (L 274cm x W 76cm x H 33cm)and can inflate a kayak 15 times once fully charged.

Auto Stop & Digital Display

No worry about over- or under-inflating anymore. The built-in smart pressure detector of the Max Boat Pump can automatically measure the air pressure value. The digital LED display will show you the current most precise pressure value in real-time which is accurate to 0.1 PSI. The pump will stop automatically when it reaches the preset pressure value, then the current pressure will be 0.0 PSI. No more worry about damaging the inflatable due to too much pressure.

You can even set the pressure level manually by pressing the "+"/"-" buttons with a maximum pressure of 1.7PSI/12kPa.Press the “M” button to switch the units (kPa⇌PSI)What's more, the Memory Function helps to reduce tedious operation every time and the frequency of corresponding air pressure value adjustment. It will display the last used pressure value at your next time use.

2-In-1 Easy Inflate & Deflate

Max Boat Pump has both inflation and deflation functions which are equally outstanding. Deflation pressure of 10kPa and 142L/min of airflow achieve ultra-fast deflation, and the inflatable products are much easier to pack. Besides, it can also be used to compress vacuum bags quickly and easily in 25 seconds. Save you 55% of storage space!

Suitale for All Boston Values

It's compatible with all of the boats and inflatables with Boston valves. After tests, it also supports the inflatable boats of INTEX, MRS, DECATHLON, BESTWAY, AVENLI, and SEVYLOR. PVC inflatable boat is also suitable. Provide more choices and possibilities for your journey. Max Boat Pump equipped with 6 different nozzles, which fit most of the inflatables, can easily meet your various inflation demands.

What's In The Box

Product Specs

  • Size

    2.7 x 3.7 x 5.1 inches

  • Weight


  • Battery Capacity


  • Material


  • Inflation Pressure

    12kPa / 1.7PSI

  • Deflation Pressure

    10kPa / 1.5PSI

  • MAX Flow

    142 L/min

  • Running Time


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