4 Tips for Preparing Lightweight Outdoor Trips in Fall

Though the weather is getting cold, autumn is a prime season for gorgeous views with bursting colors. Nothing compares with outdoor lightweight trips in the fall, if you haven't tried before, this guide will teach you how to plan your first trip. 


  1. Stay Warm

Staying warm is the priority of autumn trips. Check the local weather of your chosen destination. Wear outwear and hat that keep you insulated and warm. Bring anti-wind and water-resistant rain gears in case suffering harsh environments. Changing temperature is quite normal in the fall, a quick dry towel allows you to get dry&warm in a short time on chilly days.


  1. Pack Right Also Light

Packing suitable gears is vital to contribute to a successful camping trip. Since you have already wear multiple layers, you don't want a heavy load  in your backpack to make you more clumsy. Lightweight yet multi-functional gears are definitely great helpers in your trips. List a few essential items that you must to carry, and search for the all-in-1 devices to replace them. For example, when sleeping outside, you may need a light for clear view, a camping pump to inflate your sleeping pads in the night, then deflate it next morning. And you also need a fire starter to cook your dinner while keep you warm. In this case, a lightweight all-in-1 pump which acquires all the above features can meet your needs and save your space and grams in your rucksack. Not mentioning some of FLEXTAIL pumps even equipped with power bank that provide you with enough power source for outdoor recreation in the outdoor evening.


  1.  Camping Supplementaries
  • First-aid kit: Safety is always the NO.1 rule in all outdoor adventures. It is a smart move to take a first-aid kit with you no matter the seasons.
  • Vaccum bags: It is hard to forecast the accurate weather condition in autumn. Compress a change of clothes in vacuum bags so that you can always stay dry and warm.
  • Bug repellent: There is fewer pesky bugs in the fall in comparison to summer. But, it doesn't represent no bugs at all. It is necessary to bring a long-lasting rechargeable bug repellent with you if you are going to a water-side campsite.
  • ZERO seat: You don't want to sit in the wet ground. A worn-resistance outdoor cushion of good quality can insulate you from the cold and provide heat retention.
  • MAX SHOWER: Clean food is the premise of eating outside. An outdoor shower is great for rinsing dirt off your food as well as yourself.


  1. Choose Fun Fall Activities 
  • Bikepacking: Multi-day cycling on dirt roads, trails, and gravel is a great outdoor exercise. To avoid the flat tyres and ensure a smooth ride, bikers could bring a tiny powerful bike pump themselves. To improve the safety during riding, users could select the pump with bicycle tail light and attach it to the bike.
  • Floating in the ocean: While summer is just ended in the most countries, few countries are  still hot at the moment. People there can still enjoy the fun of boats and SUP boarding. By using the high-efficient boat pump and SUP pump, people can save more energy and quickly jump into the water.
  • Lookout for birds: Fall is the best time to observe the wildlife, such as birds. Check out a bird book before your trip. Then, you can identify more birds than anyone else.
  • Canoeing/Fishing: Check out the best locations in the park. You can rent a canoe to enjoy the beautiful calm waters. Or you can make bait recipe to catch a few fish as your delicious meal.

We hope our guide helps you plan your ultimate fall trip. If you found it helpful, please share it with your friends. We also look forward to your amazing feedback. We believe that your content will be an inspiration to others!

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