Max Pump 2-the most versatile portable air pump in the world
The Max Pump 2 developed by the FLEXTAILGEAR team is suitable for camping, entertainment, family and sports activities. It is specially designed for outdoor sports enthusiasts. It is a lightweight and waterproof backpack companion and camping solution that allows users to worry and focus on pleasure. It weighs only 160 grams and is equipped with a large-capacity 3600mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery, which can provide more than 60 minutes of use-enough to inflate 50 swimming rings or 10 air beds and 20 vacuum bags. With the optimized vortex structure and the inflation pressure of 2100PA, the performance of Max Pump 2 is 20% higher than the previous version.

The FLEXTAILGEAR team’s newly improved Max Pump 2 is more versatile. With stronger expansion/deflation capabilities, it can also be used as a perfect choice for home use. Its high capacity output and greater pressure can handle the largest air cushion, and includes several external accessories specially designed for vacuum storage bags, which can save up to 50% of the space for clothes and soft items in the home.

Max Pump 2 is also a reliable backup power source for cell phones and other mobile digital devices, making it an excellent travel companion, helping users stay powered on and ready to move.

The FLEXTAILGEAR team has many years of experience in air pump design and has a mature customer service team. They know how to successfully fulfill the Kickstarter promise and provide useful after-sales service.

What is the price of our Max Pump 2?
Our air pump has a full range of models and colors can be customized. The original price is $55.00 and is currently sold at a reduced price. You can take this fully functional and portable Max Pump 2 home for only $36.99. Welcome to order online!